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In 2011, Myanmar launched a process of political, social and economic reform. People gained more rights, the number of persecuted people decreased and more foreign investors came to the country. Despite these changes, many people in rural areas are still in need of medical care.

Country Facts

Total population: 53.2 million
People affected by the crisis: 1.7 million
Rank in the Human Development Index: 148 of 188


MAGNA Intervention

MAGNA concluded all its activities in Myanmar in 2013.

  • Opening of mission in Myanmar: 2008
  • Areas of intervention: Iravádí river delta, Magwey region
  • Number of staff in the field: 5 (in 2013)


Overview of the Myanmar Crisis

Medical care in the country is still insufficient. The United Nations estimates that ongoing political instability and religious tensions have driven almost 375,000 people out of their homes, and thousands have fled to neighboring Thailand. More than 100,000 Myanmar refugees live in camps along the Thai border. Approximately 22.6% of children in Myanmar suffer from malnutrition.

How did MAGNA help in Myanmar?

By January 2013, all activities put in place to support families and communities in Myanmar had been concluded.

Our activities focused on the distribution of material aid, access to health care for people during disasters, and the treatment of child malnutrition.

  • In 2008, 250 000 victims of cyclone Nargis received humanitarian aid and medicines through non-state clinics.
  • We conducted orientation training and a quick anthropometric assessment of children aged 6 to 59 months. We focused on the Magwey area, where there was a high risk of malnutrition.
  • In order to reduce the number of children with acute malnutrition, we have launched a comprehensive treatment program in healthcare facilities in the Magwey region.

Every year your donations cover thousands of treatments and vaccinations.

How are your donations used?
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